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A worldschooling family of five who sold everything to travel the world

An interview with a worldschooling family of five who sold their house and all their belongings to explore the world full-time 

When Covid hit, many of us learned what homeschooling is firsthand. However, have you heard of worldschooling? I quote Eli Gerzon, who describes worldschooling as: “when the whole world is your school, instead school being your whole world.“ Or simply put, worldschooling is an amazing combination of family world travel and education.  

I’m super excited to present the latest interview to our global parenting series! I am speaking to Laura, who, together with her husband Tabes and their three beautiful children, travel the world full-time and learn along the way! How exciting is that! You can connect with Laura on Instagram @ourworldschoolingfamily and Youtube to follow the incredible adventures of the worldschooling family in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. 

First, could you please tell us about yourself and other members of your worldschooling family?

Hey! My name’s Laura. My musician husband, Tabes, and I have three children aged 10, 8, and 5. In January 2020, we sold everything and joined a global traveling forest school. Then that little pandemic thing happened and turned travel on its head! We have continued to travel full time from the Caribbean, Central America, across Europe, and to Oceania. Gigging and travel writing as we go.

worldschooling family
Meet the worldschooling family!

We live by three key virtues… kindness, bravery, and fun. Therefore, wherever we travel, we always seek out opportunities to immerse in the culture, live by our faith, meet wonderful people, find adventures in nature, and explore the unique qualities each place has to offer.
We are currently in Europe enjoying the food, history, architecture, and natural beauty this continent has in abundance.

worldschooling family

We have no end date in mind for our travels and love the education and character building it provides us all. Our adventures allow us to live like locals, develop deeper connections with people, and share our passions. We are grateful daily for this adventure we are on and excited to share the tips and hacks we learn along the way. Thank you for allowing us to share our love with you.

Who came up with the idea of becoming a worldschooling family?

Me! Totally me! The conversation went something like this… Me “I’ve heard of this awesome school, it travels the world. I’m thinking of signing up.” Tabes “Sounds great, when and where is it?” Me “The Dominican Republic in 9 days!” And that’s how it all began by a chance place opening up. Looking back on it – I know that this travel adventure had been placed on my heart long before this conversation. It took Tabes longer to come around to the idea as he had built up his music business from scratch, and it was a lot to walk away from.

worldschooling family

How did everyone react to such an exciting proposal?

The kids were beyond excited! They loved every part of the process, even packing. Our family had mixed reactions. Some were so happy for us and looked forward to hearing bout it even though we would miss each other. A few others found it an anxious time and still do. They worry about us and our safety.

Can you tell us about the preparation for the trip? On Instagram, you mention that you sold everything to travel the world. How long did all the preparation take?

From start to finish it took us about 6 months from making the decision to having the house all sold. We knew we wanted to sell everything, not just for the safety funds, but also because it felt heavy having all this stuff around us. However much we desperately wanted to live a minimal life, in terms of possessions, we found it a struggle in the U.K. Stuff seemed to grow rapidly when we owned a house.

worldschooling family

Which country did you start with, and based on what criteria do you select your next destination and length of stay?

Originally the plan was to travel with The World School, which began in the Dominican Republic. However, covid changed this plan rapidly. So after two months, we had to come and holler up at home for a while. We then re-started in France for a month. It was incredible experiencing the culture, the food, and the natural beauty of the country. At first, we had a very detailed plan. But we soon realized it is impossible to plan in advance now. We have to be flexible and check current restrictions.

Could you please share your 3 favourite destinations and tell us why?

FRENCH POLYNESIA – easily first for all five of us. Why? Have you seen the pictures? Besides the incredible nature and spectacular marine life, you can snorkel here. The main reason is the people – they are so friendly, warm, and welcoming. It is, without doubt, the most child-friendly destination we’ve been to so far.

worldschooling family

COSTA RICA – for its diverse nature. We love being in this country, again, because of the friendly locals. We love the jungle life, seeing a wealth of creatures daily.

worldschooling family in Athens, Greece

GREECE – the history, food, nature, and sun! This country is such an exciting one to explore.

What did you learn about yourself and your children since you became a worldschooling family?

That we are better when we’re together. That the five of us is where our home is. We have learned that we want to live our life on purpose, in a faith-filled manner. We want to leave nothing behind but love and kindness.

Thank you, Laura, for sharing your beautiful worldschooling story! I thoroughly enjoyed working on this interview and wish you safe travels and extraordinary adventures!

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