On this page Thea and I share the best travel resources: brands, their products, and services that we personally use to plan and enjoy our trips abroad.
We recommend these brands because we love them and are sure that so will you!

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Travel tours and guides

When looking for tours and activities, we recommend GetYourGuide. It’s the largest platform for buying tickets to attractions, booking tours and organised activities. Their prices are either the same like eveywhere or even lower. From one of a kind tours to Rainbow Mountain in Peru to whale watching cruise in New Zealand, you will find millions of choices on GetYourGuide. It’s our absolute favourite platform when it comes to planning a new trip!


Travel photography

A family vacation deserves more than selfies! We recommend a Flytographer photoshoot of the traveling family to capture those precious memories. After all, aren’t the memories from the trip the best souvenir? (Use the code LITTLETRAVELLER for $25 off)


Travel resources

The easiest way to get to the city from the airport with all that luggage after a long flight is by taxi. Unless you bring your own travel seat, book a car service that comes with a child’s car seat included. 


Amazon Kindle e Reader recommendation

When it comes to reading, I am very old-fashioned. I like real books, turning real paper pages as I read. However, when traveling, I always take my Kindle e-reader. It saves baggage space and weight, and I can carry hundreds of book titles with me. I like that I can read it in the dark, which is useful on night flights or when Thea is sleeping next to me in the hotel room.

Travel Resources

Amazon needs no introduction. This is our go-to place for everything from toys to take on board the plane to pet supplies for our dogs and a cat. Needless to say, it’s a wonderful platform while preparing for any kind of trip.

While most of the travel information can nowadays be found online, we refer to Lonely Planet travel guides before and during our travels. We love the practical tips and plenty of hidden gems presented in the travel books. I love how Lonely Planet has its own editions for children!



If you happen to have kids who want to pack all by themselves, download our FREE kids packing checklists for girls and boys.

So the above are our favourite travel resources when planning a new adventure. We hope that you will find them useful as well!

Happy and safe travels!

xx Thea and Vaiva

p.s. If you are going on a trip that involves a long haul flight alone with a toddler, you may want to read our survival guide: How to Survive Long Haul Flights Alone with Toddlers

Vaiva and Thea

Raising Little Travellers

In this blog I write about great places to go to with kids as well as give advice on travelling with young children.

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