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Family on the Road: Taking the World by van!

Meet the Tucci Family from Italy! Family on the road taking the world by van since August 2021. They are traveling in a camper van full time, exploring the world and today they are sharing a beautiful story! These five amazing people- Mom, Dad, three children, and a furry four-legged friend- have taken to the open road in search of life’s most extraordinary adventures. Join them on their journey as the Tucci family shows us the fun and freedom of traveling in a full-time camper van.

Remember to follow their Instagram page for heartwarming stories from beyond the highways and byways. There’s so much to explore and discover with these lovely adventurers! Enjoy the interview with Deborah below!

family travel full-time in a camper van
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Please tell me a bit about yourself and your family members.

I’m Deborah, an Italian woman and mother of 3 kids. I’ve always loved to travel and have tried to do it since I was a young girl. We have 3 kids who are homeschoolers. Edoardo- a 12-years-old boy. He’s an explorer, loves prehistory and dinosaurs, and wants to be a palaeontologist. Greta, a 7-years-old girl. She loves unicorns and going out with her rollerblades, and climbing trees. Jacopo is 4-years-old. He is a lego lover. He sleeps with a little lego man, and he loves climbing trees, as does his sister. Margot is our dog, she is 4 years old, and we adopted her when she was 1-year-old. She was a stray dog, and she was in a kennel. We love our family’s life in a camper van, and we love to travel and explore the world together.

traveling in a camper van

I also love to take pictures and write, love nature, and try to do something for our planet daily with our habits and lifestyle. That’s why I try to raise awareness about the climate crisis on my Instagram page.

What sustainability tips can you give other families so that we all can make a positive impact?

-Reduce all you can, try to inform, and approach a minimalist lifestyle.

-Keep attention to every product you buy, ask yourself if it is essential, and make that your first choice will be second-hand [when possible].

-Analyze your trash, see the waste you produce the most, and try your best to reduce it.

-Eat more plants than animals.

-When you buy something, choose plastic free and reusable items.

Where did you live before deciding to travel the world in a camper van?

We were born in Turin, in the north of Italy, but before leaving Italy, we moved to a place by the sea, always in the north (Liguria).
My parents also have a camper van, so I have previous experience traveling in a camper for a holiday.
I already knew our kids, and we were adaptable because we had gone on various trips with little comforts, like sleeping in camp tents, biking, and going to a nautical camp in the middle of the Caribbean sea.

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Who’s idea was to leave Italy and travel in a camper van? When did you start your journey?

We both always had the idea to travel the world. We were unhappy on our old jobs, we didn’t like our busy life, we didn’t have time to spend quality time with our sons, and we knew we needed a change. Between saying it and doing it, we took 7 years. Covid time gave us the final boost. We left Italy in August 2021.

Can you tell me about your camper van? What are the main advantages and challenges of traveling in a camper van with children?

Our camper van has 7 places, and the spaces and details are ideal for us and our needs. However, before buying it, we documented a lot to ensure our life in our new home would be comfortable. The main advantages are the possibility of discovering the world together and learning to adapt to any situation.

travel in camper van camper van living

The main challenges of traveling in a camper van with children are the weather conditions. If there are too many rainy days, we are in trouble because it means spending more time inside the camper van together. This is the reason why we spend winter in the south of Europe. We need the best weather conditions to be free to spend as much time outside as possible.

What countries have you visited, and how long are you in each destination?

Since we started our family life in a camper van, we have visited parts of Europe: Austria, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Portugal. At each destination, we stayed for a few months. Generally, we spend the summer in cold places and winter in hot areas. However, every place has something nice to be seen, so we decided that the best weather conditions guide us through the seasons.

What is the most memorable destination you’ve visited so far?

We loved many places, the Austrian lake region, Carinthia, the beauty of the German landscape, the wild nature of Brittany in France, and the nature and the strength of the ocean on Portuguese and Andalusian coasts.

camper life family, full time travel in a camper van

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What do your children like most about traveling in a camper van?

Our children like traveling in a camper van most that our home is everywhere with us. We can sleep, wake up in beautiful places, and fall asleep to the sound of the waves. Home is wherever we park.

How does world schooling work in practice? For example, do your children have classes online or attend world schooling schools along the way, etc.?

Last year was our first experience as world schoolers, so we tried to do our best alone. But working was tricky, so we decided to get some teachers’ help this year, which is better. Edoardo, the biggest, sees his teachers (online) 3 times a week and can organize his work. Greta meets her teachers online one time a month. Still, it is unschooling for her because she is in primary school. So we focus on her curiosities and leave her very free. Anyway Edo and Greta will have an exam in June at an Italian school (every year, they have it as homeschoolers- Italian rules). Of course, Jacopo is free now because he is the little one.

Do you have any tips for other parents considering a similar lifestyle of traveling in a camper van with kids?

I can tell other parents that the kids adapt very well, especially if they have traveled before since the beginning of their life (as our kids). I can tell them that this experience is not for all but for people who can adapt and are willing to give up some comfort. In this case, this experience will be the best to get out of their comfort zone and grow up as a human and family.

What kind of job do you do that allows you to fund full time traveling in a camper van?

My husband Fabrìs and I share many interests. We are both digital nomads freelance. We are photographers and content creators. We work on the road. I write for others as a ghostwriter and help freelancers create personal brands and share their projects on social networks. I’m a social media specialist.
Fabrìs is a trader and web marketing specialist, so we now build a website together. We do a lot of things.

Where are you now, and which is your next destination?

Now we are on the coast opposite Morocco for the second winter in Andalusia. We will stay here till the end of May. Since we like this place, we will stay here long. It will be the best way to know what it would be like to live here. So we found a school for kids in the countryside with a Montessorian approach. We want to let them socialize with other international kids and learn Spanish well. We are sure it will be a good experience, and they will make many new friends.

Thank you, Deborah, so much for sharing your story of traveling in a camper van with family! Usually, during the global parenting series interviews, I know more or less the answers to my questions. Especially if we are talking about countries in Asia. In your case, it was so very new to me. Actually, I haven’t stepped foot in a camper van before. After speaking with you, I would love to try vacationing in a camper van! So, thank you for sharing and expiring others. We wish you and your family all the best, extraordinary adventures, no traffic jams, and safe travels!


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