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The perfect Singapore itinerary for families with young children

Are you heading to Singapore with the children? Then check out the below 3-day Singapore itinerary for families with toddlers. It is packed full of attractions and activities to choose from for all family members.
Singapore is a fantastic destination for families and can be budget friendly too. So I included some incredible free activities and places in this Singapore itinerary for families with toddlers.

Singapore 3 days itinerary for families
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First, if you are looking for transfers from Changi Airport to your hotel, you can book a cheap and reliable ride HERE.

Alternatively, there is a Taxi stand. However, depending on your arrival time, it can get pretty crowded, and the wait can get long. 

Travel tip: The easiest way to get to the city from the airport with all that luggage after a long flight is by taxi. Unless you bring your own travel seat, book a car service with a child’s car seat included. 


Getting around Singapore is very easy and convenient. Here are the options


There are plenty of taxis in Singapore. They are all clean and air-conditioned, the drivers speak English and do not attempt to cheat on fares like in some other countries in South East Asia. One of the most popular Taxi companies is ComfortDelGro. You can download their app to make exploring Singapore a breeze.
Taxi drivers will usually let you hold your baby in your lap. However, when I need a ride, I typically book Grab. Grab is just like Uber, just that Uber is not available in Singapore.
The good thing about Grab is that you can select extra features, such as baby and toddler seats, upon booking your ride via the Grab app. Usually, they are slightly more expensive than the standard ride, but I always go for this option.


MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) subway lines conveniently stretch across the entire city, thus making MRT a preferred way of getting around Singapore.

Click here to see the map of the MRT in Singapore. 

If you are looking to use the MRT just a couple of times, you can purchase tickets at ticketing machines at all MRT stations. At the time of writing, they cost as little as S$1.40 – S$2.50 per ride, depending on how far you want to go. However, if you plan to take MRT regularly, opting for a Singapore Tourist Pass (STP) is better. This pass will allow you unlimited MRT travel for one day for $10, 2 days for $16, or three days unlimited travel for $20.

MRT stations and trains are super clean. However, note that there are hefty fines for eating, drinking, spitting, smoking, and carrying durian fruits on the trains and platforms of MRT train stations.

Read More: For a reason, Singapore is known as a FINE city; check out this article about more things you should absolutely NOT do in Singapore.

You are also expected to give your seat to the elderly, people with disabilities, and pregnant women. Singaporeans are really nice; each time I get on the train with my daughter, several people immediately offer their seats even though she is no longer a baby. 


MRT also operates a huge network of buses that can literally take you anywhere on the island.

Like most cities worldwide, Singapore has hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus tours. This is an excellent option for tourists as they take you to all the famous landmarks. Another popular attraction to discover Singapore is by joining a Duck tour. It’s a bus that can sail, allowing visitors to explore famous sights on land and in the sea.


Another option can be renting a bike. There are plenty of shared bike operators, such as SG Bikes, Anywhere, and Mobike. All you need is to download an app, scan and you are good to go. However, if you feel uncomfortable riding alone, there are small group bike tours with local guides you can check out and book here.


And of course walking! Singapore is like a city in a garden, and especially its city center can be easily explored on foot.

There are plenty of unique tours in Singapore that you can join if you like everything to be organized for you or are short on time. Get your guide has a variety of tours that can be booked in advance.  

Okay, so now that we’ve covered the options for getting around Singapore, let’s get to Day 1. 

Singapore itinerary for families Day 1 

Travel tip: A family vacation in Singapore deserves more than selfies! I recommend a Flytographer photoshoot of the traveling family to capture those precious memories. After all, aren’t the memories from the trip the best souvenir? (Use the code LITTLETRAVELLER for $25 off)

No trip to Singapore is complete without visiting the Marina Bay area and its iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel. Most of the must-see places in Singapore are located in and around this beautiful Bay. Moreover, everything is within walking distance!

Read our Ultimate Marina Bay with Kids guide here

Here’s what you can do in Marina Bay Singapore with children:

Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens are just behind the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and most activities here are free. You only have to pay for the Could Forest, Flower Dome, Floral Fantasy, and going up the OSBC Skyway. 

Singapore itinerary for families
Singapore itinerary for families The Gardens by the Bay
Cloud Forest

If short on time, I would skip the Flower Dome. However, you do not want to miss the Cloud Forest. Words can’t describe how incredible this indoor waterfall is. The water falls from a 35 meters tall indoor mountain covered in lush exotic plants and flowers. Moreover, there are pathways for visitors at various levels of the mountain surrounded by mist. I guess that’s where the name comes from- when you walk on those paths up high in the air through a cool mist, it does feel like walking on clouds. 

Supertree Grove and OSBC Skyway 

If you want to enjoy splendid views of the surrounding Marina Bay Area, make a trip to the top of the Skyway. This bridge links the supertrees 22 meters above the ground.
There are a total of 18 supertrees in the Gardens by the Bay, and 12 of them are located in Supertree Grove. The tallest of them measures up to 16 stories in height!

Singapore itinerary for families

Some people recommend visiting Supertrees Grove and going up the Skyway in the early morning when it’s not too hot. However, I prefer late afternoons, right before it gets dark. The entire place changes into something magical.
I like to time it well and get up the Skyway while it’s still kind of light and see the entire area come alive with amazing displays of lights and sounds of the night.

Singapore itinerary for families
OSBC Skyway
Know before you go:
  1. If you are unfamiliar with the place, it is easy just to show up and join a long queue to get on the Skyway, thinking you can purchase the ticket when you get to the front- you can’t.
    So if you haven’t already purchased a ticket in advance online or from a separate ticket booth nearby, you will be turned down and have to queue again after you actually get the ticket.
  2. The Skyway bridge wobbles a bit, so if you don’t have a head for heights, maybe you should think twice before going up.
  3. If you travel with a baby/toddler- strollers are allowed on the Skyway. The lift takes you up and down the Skyway.

Future World: Where Art Meets Science is a permanent exhibition in Singapore’s Art Science Museum. 

Art Science Museum is in front of The Shoppes at Marina Bay. It looks like a giant lotus surrounded by a huge decorative pool where thousands and thousands of purple lilies bloom. Really an Instagrammable place if you’re looking for one! 

Singapore itinerary for families
Future World: Where Art meets Science exhibition at ArtScience Museum

There are usually several exhibitions on display, some permanent and some temporary. However, if you travel with kids, do go to their permanent show called ‘Future World: Where Art Meets Science.’ It is super- kids friendly and incorporates tons of interactive digital play. I’ve written a separate post on this digital playground/workshop/edutainment center, and you can read more about it here.


Now The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands is no ordinary shopping mall and deserves a visit.
There is an actual water canal inside the mall on the B2 level! Moreover, you can hop on a red sampan boat. The Sampan man will paddle the boat along the canal, under arches, small bridges, restaurants, cafes, and fancy boutiques towards the Rain Oculus and back.
The Rain Oculus is an eco-friendly installation, a giant water fountain located 2 stories above. This massive steel, glass, and acrylic inverted fountain structure is 22 meters in diameter and 5.2 meters deep.

At certain intervals, the water cascades down into the canal below, where the sampan boat is paddled around. Over 22,000 liters of water are released per minute, so it’s a pretty impressive sight, to say the least.

Know before you go: 

– The ride takes about 10 minutes and costs $15 per person. 

– B2, Canal Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

– Nearest car park: Central (Orange zone)

-Opening hours: 11am – 9pm; last ride at 8.30 pm

-Tickets are available for walk-in purchase at Sampan Ticket Counter or online through the Marina Bay Sands platform

-Pregnant women and children under 85cm in height are prohibited on Sampan boat rides.


Digital light canvas is a multi-sensory digital installation that is so amusing for children.
It is located on the mall’s side, nearest the Helix Bridge. This installation combines an LED floor and a 4D vision light sculpture.

Singapore itinerary for families
Digital Light Canvas at Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Basically it’s an amazing giant circle digital screen on the floor over which kids and the kids-at-heart can walk and run on and observe various displays change right under their feet.

The displays on the ground change and vary, for example you can watch shoals of fish gathering right under your feet, see diverse calligraphic art or beautiful blooming flowers. Lots of digital fun guaranteed!

Know before you go:
  • Admission is $5 per person, Free for children < 2 years old and ‘Future World: Where Art Meets Science’ ticket holders
  • Tickets can be purchased at the B2 Retail Concierge Counter near Rasapura Masters.
  • Location: B2-50, Canal Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
  • Nearest Car Park: North (Green zone)
  • Opening hours: daily 11am – 9pm; Last entry into the Digital Light Canvas is at 8.50pm
  • Children 6 years of age & below must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Peak periods: Friday evenings and Saturdays; We recommend visiting any time from Sunday to Thursday for the best experience.

This outdoor show is an absolute must-see in Singapore. Once the night falls, magic unfolds in front of your eyes over the water at the Event Plaza. (just outside the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands).
I can’t recommend this 15-minute show enough. It’s one of our favorite things to experience in Singapore. Head to the Event Plaza at 8 or 9 pm daily and immerse yourself in the fascinating symphony of colorful laser projections, dancing fountains, mist effects, and orchestral soundtrack. (There are additional shows at 10 pm over the weekends).
Spectra is a beautiful and free addition to your family itinerary with toddlers in Singapore!


‘Far East Organisation Children’s Garden’ water playground is yet another reason why Singapore is so amazing for children!
It is so well located in Gardens by the Bay behind Marina Bay Sands hotel and offers lots of wet fun despite its weird name! I can guarantee your kids (and you) will fall in love with this place!

Singapore itinerary for families
Children’s Garden Singapore

Do bring towels and swimwear because it is impossible to not get soaked! On hot and sunny days (which they all are in Singapore), cooling down in this mini waterpark is simply irresistible.
In addition to the large water play area, there is a little place with mini fountains for the tiny tots (up to five years old) to splash in and an outdoor playground next to it (no water) with swings, slides, an obstacle course, and climbing structures.

Know before you go: 
  • Free admission
  • No shoes allowed, but the surface is soft and non-slippery.
  • There is a separate changing area as well as public toilets. A cafe nearby serves a variety of snacks and drinks.
  • Address: 18 Marina Gardens Drive Gardens By the Bay
  • Suggested duration: ~1-2 hours
  • Open to visitors, young and young at heart, Thursday to Sunday from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm.

If you fancy a cozy picnic and some kite running, Marina Barrage is the place to go. It is built across the mouth of a 350-meter-wide Marina Channel and is a reservoir. If you feel like stretching your legs, cycling or walking across the Barrage is possible too.

Singapore itinerary for families
Flying kites at Marina Barrage

While a reservoir does not really pop up in your mind when thinking about places to go with children, Marina Barrage has a massive green rooftop perfect for picnics and one of the best places on the island to fly kites because of the gusty winds coming from the shoreline.

Singapore itinerary for families
The iconic Marina Bay area

Moreover it offers beautiful vistas of Singapore skyline and various vessels in the horizon. 

Know before you go:

– Free Admission

– Address: 8 Marina Gardens Drive


If you’ve ever been on an Observation Wheel anywhere else in the world, you know what to expect. But, like with most other things, Singapore takes this to the next level.

Singapore Flyer is the largest giant observation wheel in Asia. The cabins are spacious, air conditioned, clean and offer amazing panoramic views of Singapore.

If you are up for fancy dinner, Singapore Flyer offers Sky dining. Thats a 4 course menu with an in-flight host and magnificent skyline views. The dinner lasts two rotations which is approximately 1 hour. 

Singapore itinerary for families DAY2

Good news for kids who love animals! There are several amazing wildlife parks in Singapore. Here’s what you can expect:


Singapore Zoo is ranked as one of the Top 5 best zoos in the world for a reason. It’s like a massive animal paradise for children and though they nevertheless are in captivity, Singapore Zoo does take a good care of them all.

The Zoo offers complimentary tram ride, so it’s a comfortable way to explore the zoo. The rides are unlimited. Sort of hop on, hop off bus idea, just that you are boarding little tram and explore different animal themes throughout the park. Overall, animal enclosure areas are arranged by themes and are far apart of each other so on hot and sunny days this tram is a life saver. 

Singapore itinerary for families

You will probably see all the animals you can think of and more. My daughter was expecting to see the dinosaurs, unfortunately that’s off the table even in Singapore.

Actually, I’ve written a detailed guide to visiting Singapore wildlife parks. It also includes a beautiful Jurong Bird Park and more information on each venue, what to bring and what to expect there. You can read this article about visiting Wildlife parks in Singapore here.

Know before you go:

– Skip the queues and buy your tickets in advance here: Singapore Zoo. Entrance Ticket

– Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 

-Nearest MRT: Khatib on the red line. From here you’ll have to take the Zoo shuttle that will bring you directly to the Wildlife parks area.


Despite its misleading name, River Wonders is not just about fish and the rivers. 

If you love pandas, this is a place to go! There is a large (and very cold) enclosure for two pandas who came to Singapore from China. The male panda is called Kai Kai (凯凯) meaning victorious and the female panda is called Jia Jia (嘉嘉) which means fine or beautiful. In August 2021 they became parents to a super cute panda cub called Le Le. You can meet him in River Wonders as well!

Sometimes they hide away from visitors, but most of the times we see them chilling and snacking on bamboos.

There is this super cute red panda too! I’m not sure if it has a name though. 

River Wonders is located next to Singapore Zoo. It’s a better choice on rainy days as most of the pathways are covered so you don’t really get exposed to the rain. 

Amazon River Quest is probably one of the highlights of the park. For extra fee (Adult ticket – $5, Child ticket – $3) you can embark on a boat adventure journey which is designed to simulate a journey along the actual Amazon River. Please note there are height restrictions for children. Riders must be at least 1.06m to hop onboard. The last ride departs at 6 pm. 

singapore itinerary for families
Manatee at River Wonders Singapore

If your little travellers do not meet height requirements there is another boat ride where everyone is welcome. It is called a Reservoir Cruise and it will take you along Upper Seletar Reservoir. 


It is THE best nightspot for children and an excellent addition to your Singapore family itinerary with toddlers. As the name suggests, Night Safari happens when the night falls. It is a guided 40 mins long tram tour. The tram will take you through 7 different geographical zones of the world. During the ride your children will learn about the most fascinating nocturnal animals in their specially lit enclosures. 

An important piece of advice- take and use a generous amount of insect repellent. Mosquitos love the Night Safari too. In addition to anti mosquito sprays I place natural anti mosquito stickers for kids on Thea’s clothing. Check the link below should you want to get them for your children.

singapore itinerary for families
Night Safari experience

River Wonders, Night Safari and Singapore Zoo are located next to each other and are relatively far from central Singapore. The easiest access is by taxi or Grab, however you can also take MRT (subway in Singapore). The nearest MRT stop is Khatib on the red line. It’s not within a walking distance so there is a special shuttle decorated with animal stickers and plush toys between the MRT stop and the Zoo/River Safari priced $1 per person.

A better option yet, would be a visit to Night Safari with return transfers from Central Singapore.

Wildlife parks visit tip: Skip the queues to save time, sanity and patience and get your tickets below: 

Singapore River Wonders

Night Safari Ticket, Priority Tram Ride & Return Transfer

Singapore: Zoo and Night Safari Combo Tickets

Singapore itinerary for families DAY3

What trip to Singapore without a visit to the island of fun? Yes, Sentosa is called the island of fun for a reason. The island is a great place to go to with kids in Singapore, and you should definitely add it to your family itinerary with toddlers.

The ultimate guide to visiting Sentosa Island and its Universal Studios with toddlers is available to read here.

There are several beaches with outdoor playgrounds as well as many activities and attractions. Since moving to Singapore back Thea and I visited the vast majority of attractions on Sentosa. Some were somewhat okay, some really disappointing but there are some that we keep returning to. 

Singapore itinerary for families
Sentosa, Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is Sentosa’s highlight and one of the most famous attractions. If you choose to go to USS you can easily spend the entire day there. Please note there are height requirements on many of the rides. I went solo with my daughter who was 95 cm tall (rather short in this case) and we were unable to enjoy more than half of the park.

However if you travel with taller children then definitely USS is a great place to go. 

There are several great attractions that we love and that are suitable for families with young tots and here’s our favourite. Add Sentosa Singapore to your family itinerary, I promise that everyone, from toddlers to parents will have lots of fun!


It’s true what they say- once is never enough! Basically, what you get here are two fun activities in one place- the Luge and the Skyride.
The Skyline Luge was invented in New Zealand over 30 years ago. It is a fun, wheeled, gravity ride that gives its riders, the young and young at heart, complete control over their descent on specific tracks.

Helmets are available and of different sizes, including helmets for kids. Children under 6 yrs can ride in tandem with an adult with an extra 4 SGD fee per ride. Can you spot tiny Thea riding in tandem with me in the photo?

Singapore itinerary for families
The Luge on Sentosa

To ride the Luge alone, children must be 6 years of age and 110cm or taller.
There are four thrilling Luge tracks with added fun features such as hairpin corners, tunnels, and downhill slopes that gently twist and turn for more fun.
Remember to smile, though; there are cameras along the tracks, and given you like the photos, you can purchase them.
In addition to the Luge down the hill, a Skyride brings you back up to the top for another ride down. The minimum required height for the little ones is 85cm to ride with an adult or 135cm to ride alone.
Skyride is a 4-seater chairlift, something like what you would use in a skiing resort. It may not be your favorite part if you are not a big fan of heights. However, it is safe and offers excellent views of the South China Sea and all the vessels and cruise ships, together with a bird’s eye view of the Singapore skyline and Sentosa attractions.

 Know before you go:
  • To ride the Luge alone, children must be 6 years of age and 110cm or taller.
  • Children under 6 yrs can ride in tandem with an adult for an extra 4 SGD fee per ride. The carts are spacious, so it’s not really a big issue.
  • For Skyride, the minimum required height for the little ones is 85cm to ride with an adult or 135cm to ride alone.
  • Unless you are short of time, purchase at least three rides because, truly, once is never enough.

If you and your kids love waterparks, go to the Adventure Cove Waterpark on Sentosa Island. There is another waterpark in Singapore called Wild Wild Wet, but it’s located on mainland Singapore in Pasir Ris. 

I’ve loved waterparks since I was a little girl. There is just some magic with loads of water and thrill rides. Adventure Cove Waterpark is great for all the family, and on those hot and sunny days (which most of them are in Singapore), it’s a great way to cool down in style.

I took the photo below from a cable car when we were approaching Sentosa.

family vacation Singapore

I tried all the rides available; however, my all-time favorite is the Lazy River which I highly recommend. Just grab one of the floats available at the shore and let the current push you all around in warm water. Please note that minimum height restrictions apply to some rides, varying between 107-122 cm. However, even the tiniest tots have options to splash.
There are some facilities on site where you can dine Asian and Western favorites and a shop that stocks waterpark essentials and branded souvenirs.
Hope you have a fun splash!

So here’s the 3-day Singapore itinerary for families with children. Obviously, there is so much more to do here, so if you can prolong your stay, do so. 

If you have any questions or need recommendations, do not hesitate to contact me, I will do my best to help you. 


Naturally, when traveling, we need a place to stay. Please note that Airbnb is forbidden in Singapore. There have been several cases where people were fined and jailed for letting their apartments for the short term.
Unless you have friends or family who can host you, there are plenty of hotels island-wide to suit every need and budget.

So, where to stay in Singapore?

The most sought-after and one of the most expensive is, of course, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. I only have to agree that it is an amazing hotel from the inside out. The best part? The infinity pool on the top with amazing views over Singapore and the Bay. And you couldn’t ask for a better location. 

When we moved to Singapore from Beijing in 2017, we stayed at SO Sofitel in the Tanjong Pagar area for about 10 days. We were surrounded by attention and smiles during our stay, and our baby daughter was showered with gifts. The location is also perfect for exploring on foot and is within 10 minute walk to Marina Bay. 

Singapore itinerary for families
Tanjong Pagar

Singapore: Changi Airport Premium Lounge Entry

Singapore travel tip: if you visit many attractions, unlimited Singapore pass will be a good option for you. It can help save up to 40% on entrance fees. There are 2 types of attraction passes:

Singapore: Go City All-Inclusive Pass with 40+ Attractions

Singapore city card: Go City Explorer Pass – Choose 2 to 7 Attractions



If you decide to add visiting Bali after exploring Singapore, read our guide on the best things to do in Bali with kids

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  • I must say you’ve done a great job compiling this itinerary for families. We’ve been to Singapore a couple of times and visited some of the places on the list. Will definitely go to check out the others the next time we’re in Singapore.


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