The best Activities in Singapore for toddlers  

Fun Activities in Singapore for Families with Toddlers

Singapore for toddlers? Yes, Singapore is an extremely kids- friendly destination with plenty of exciting things to do for the entire family!

Without further ado, check out the list and select the best family activities in Singapore for toddlers, kids, tweens, and teens. 

Activities for families in Singapore
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The best activities in Singapore for toddlers and their families

Maritime Gallery Singapore

Maritime Gallery Singapore is a hidden gem that I absolutely recommend visiting for families. In addition to educational exhibits, there is a ship bridge simulator. You can select an adventure, like sailing back to Marina harbor during a storm, a rescue operation of a boat on fire, and many more. You and your children can discover what it feels like to be a captain of an actual ship. The thing I was surprised about the most was that this truly fun place wasn’t advertised anywhere. We found it by accident, and I am so glad we did. 

Esplanade Park

Esplanade park is located between National Gallery and the building that looks like a durian fruit (aka Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay). It is one of the oldest heritage parks in Singapore that is very toddler-friendly. 

Although rather small, there are plenty of things to do in Esplanes park. There are three playgrounds next to each other. All have been designed for different ages and energy levels. At the time our favorite was the one for toddlers. We are planning a trip to Singapore at the end of the year, so looking forward to exploring the see-saw swing, a turning disc thing I don’t know the name of but which definitely makes you dizzy, slides, and sand play.  

Playground in the Esplanes Park

There are often interactive exhibitions that take place in the park. Such as temporary pop-up exhibits, shows, light installations, etc. It changes frequently, and there is always something fun to do and discover. 

By the way, if you’ve watched the movie Crazy Rich Asians, you will recognize the location of one of the scenes from this movie. Actually, do watch this movie before you travel to Singapore. Many locations in Singapore were featured in this romance/comedy film, and you will recognize them in multiple places within the city.

National Gallery Singapore with toddlers

Should you take your toddler to National Gallery? Absolutely! It’s no ordinary gallery with paintings that are boring for kids. Children learn about art through play and discovery.

There is a fascinating Keppel center for kids on the ground floor and a must-visit with toddlers. It’s like a workshop/playground/exploration space where your child will have plenty of hands-on experience. Not only digital but also with various paint, stamps, shapes, cutting out cartons & paper, and building things. An oasis for nurturing young minds and their imagination!

Read more: 6 Best Museums for 6-year-olds in Singapore

Merlion Singapore

One of the symbols of this island country is the Merlion fountain. If you google Singapore, this sculpture fountain will be one of the first landmarks to pop up. 

Basically, there is a large sculpture of a creature with a lion’s head and the body of a fish on the shore of Marina Bay. It is illuminated with various changing light laser patterns in the dark, and the water comes from its mouth. When Thea started to talk, one of the first things she asked was why the lion was vomiting.

It seems to be the must-take-photo place for all tourists, and there is a dedicated bridge extension for just that. 

We used to walk around Marina Bay almost every night, and the fountain had become a usual sight. However, I imagine for tourists it does look quite fascinating.  

There are plenty of restaurants located next to the fountain along the shore. I recommend stopping by for a meal after you get that perfect shot of the mascot of Singapore. 

Marina Bay Sands hotel and The Shoppes at Marina Bay

Right across the bay from the Merlion, you will see another major landmark of Singapore- Marina Bay Sands hotel and the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. 

As with most things in Singapore, they are not just a hotel and just another mall. 

The hotel looks like a giant ship placed over three tall towers. In addition to an observation deck and restaurants, there is an infinity pool. I think it needs no explanation how cool it is, and if you can afford definitely stay at Marina Bay Sands hotel. While you can and should visit its observation deck, only hotel guests are allowed to the infinity pool. 

If you plan to dine at the restaurant, you’ll get to pay an access fee before getting into the elevator. However, this fee will be deducted from your restaurant bill.

Fun for kids inside the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

There are many activities your toddlers will love in Singapore’s most famous family friendly shopping mall. For example, a boat ride on the water canal, a waterfall, running over the digital light canvas with changing displays right under their feet, and more. Actually, I wrote a separate article about all of these activities for toddlers with more details, like timings, admission prices, etc., and you can read it HERE

Wildlife Parks 

There are four major wildlife parks in Singapore. They are called Singapore zoo, River Wonders, Night Safari, and Jurong bird park. 

A detailed guide to all wildlife parks in Singapore is waiting for you HERE. 

Jurong Bird park

As the name suggests, Jurong Bird park showcases avian friends from all corners of the planet. You will see thousands of birds in one place. It goes without saying that it is a one-of-a-kind educational experience for children of all ages. It is also easily a half-day affair if you want to see most of them, participate in bird shows, play in the playground, and have a meal inside the park. 

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo needs no introduction. It’s a zoo. In fact, Singapore Zoo is ranked as one of the best zoos in the world! With tram rides and animals from the lands far and near, there are plenty of things to see and do with children. The zoo is stroller and wheelchair friendly. You can also rent strollers, pull wagons for tired kids, join animal shows and enjoy ice cream in a cafeteria. 

Singapore zoo

River Wonders

River Wonders is another wildlife park in Singapore. Located next to Singapore Zoo, River Wonders is yet another gem on Singapore’s crown of jewels. Formerly known as River Safari, the park houses many animals.

river wonders Singapore

The name is somewhat misleading. Although you will see fish and river animals from rivers worldwide, a panda family lives in one of the enclosures too! Some of the many highlights of River Wonders include a boat cruise and spending a night there. Yes, the park offers a staycation. An overnight stay in a cozy tent next to the manatees. This one is an activity that Thea and I haven’t tried. However, we hope to do so in the future. 

Night Safari

The name of this park is more accurate. And as the name suggests, it takes time at night. When the night falls, at 7 pm to be exact. As Night Safari is located near Singapore Zoo and River Wonders, you may plan to visit the two parks during daylight and board a train on Night Safari in the evening.

Do join animal shows!

Night Safari Singapore

Take mosquito repellent as they love those safaris too! What you will see during this visit to Night Safari are the nocturnal animals in specially lit enclosures. Highly recommended by a four-year-old! 

If you plan to visit Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and River Wonders on the same day, you will be busy from sunrise to sunset. 

Here’s what you should pack:

Mosquito Repellent. In addition to stings being itchy, mosquitoes in Singapore carry Dengue fever. Use generous amounts of mosquito repellent on your children and yourself.

Sunscreen is a must in Singapore, especially when you spend extend period of time outdoors. Below is our favourite, mineral sunscreen with SPF 50.

It can start raining out of the blue! Having a lightweight rain poncho might come very useful.

Water bottle! It goes without saying how important staying hydrated in the heat is.

Snacks for kids. These wildlife parks are huge. Although there are cafeterias in every one of them, having a light snack for Thea with me always came in handy.

These parks will keep you busy, entertained, and eventually very tired. A good night’s sleep is guaranteed. 

Changi Jurassic Mile

While the above-described wildlife parks feature alive animals, Changi Jurassic Mile presents the (unfortunately/fortunately extinct) dinosaurs. Life-size dinosaurs of all kinds are displayed along a one-mile path outside the Changi Airport. If you travel to Singapore with dinosaurs fans, this definitely is a perfect to go to. 

The best activities in Singapore for families with toddlers

For more activities and things to do at Changi Airport visit the Ultimate Changi Airport with kids guide here.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens is yet another perfect place to go to with the family. Thea and I used to go frequently. She adored the swans on the beautiful lake, orchid gardens, bonsai garden with almost 50 different species of bonsai, little waterfalls, seemingly millions of diverse plants, and activities for kids. 

There are several playgrounds with many activities and sand play for children. I prefer the one with activities and challenges made of wooden logs and plants as opposed to the colorful plastic one. 

It’s stroller-friendly and also a great place if you enjoy jogging and family picnics. 

I find that the best time to go to the Botanical Gardens is early in the morning before it gets too hot. There is a cafeteria on the premises with an indoor play area and a kids’ menu. The favorite thing for toddler Thea was their fluffy and yummy blueberry pancakes. 

The iconic pastel shophouses along Koon Seng Road

One of the many Instagrammable places in Singapore are the colorful shophouses along Koon Seng Road. They were built in the 1920s and look like they come straight out of a fairy-tale. 

I’ve seen people posing in front of the buildings and wearing clothes of matching colors. If you are into things like that, you’ve got many beautiful colors to choose from!

Haji Lane & Sultan Mosque

Haji lane is a narrow street close to the downtown area of Singapore and another perfect place for Instagram shots. What makes it one of the hottest places in Singapore are funky murals, quirky cafes, and a unique shopping experience. 

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many cool murals in one place like in and around Haji lane. There are so many colors and designs! You will recognize world-famous portraits, Aztec designs, and random patterns. 

Once you are done exploring, drop by Sultan Mosque just a couple of streets away. Don’t miss an opportunity to visit one of the prettiest buildings in the city named after Sultan Hussain Sha.

activities in Singapore for families with toddlers
Photo by Joshua Tsu on Unsplash

If you decide to go inside, you’ll be given clothing to cover yourself and asked to take your shoes off. By the way, you can join a guided tour and learn about the area from a knowledgeable guide. Check out this Private Multicultural Food & Culture Walking Tour

Chijmes (pronounced as chimes)

If you Google Chijmes, the first things that will pop up will be pictures of a white church building. When we lived in Singapore for a long while I did assume it was a religious complex and didn’t think twice to check it out. However, although started as a Catholic convent, then a girl’s school, now Chijmes is a popular entertainment and dining complex. 

toddlers in Singapore

With over 30 restaurants, including two rated in the Michelin guide, you can sample cuisines from all corners of the planet. During the daytime, it is a tranquil heritage place perfect to visit with children.

Singapore for toddlers

Thea, reindeer, and I had a light lunch and a delicious matcha latte at Glasshouse coffee shop in Chijmes.

When the night falls, the whole place turns into an exciting nightlife complex with live music. I loved the Thai restaurant at Chijmes and the mango sticky rice that they serve there. Overall, I definitely recommend stopping by this oasis. Together with dining and exploring ancient buildings, it makes for a cozy experience in the lion city. 

Address: 30 Victoria Street, Singapore 187996

Skyline Luge

Skyline is a super fun activity on Sentosa island that your toddlers can join too! What you do there, is ride a luge, kind of a go-kart through a path all the way down from the hill. Kids 6 years and older can ‘drive’ by themselves. Younger children can ride in tandem with an adult. There is enough space and thus comfortable even if it’s two of you inside!

activities in Singapore for families with toddlers

Don’t forget to smile, there are cameras along the way and you can purchase pictures nearby the ticket counter after your adventure! 

SEA Aquarium

As the name suggests, I am recommending visiting an aquarium. It’s yet another attraction on Sentosa and a magical place to go with kids. Fish and water animals from all over the world are displayed in spacious water tanks. Some of the displays include on-hand experiences, for example touching an actual starfish. 

Manatees and sharks are highlights for my daughter. And there are many of them! 

TrickEye Museum 

It’s a fun, creative, and for some reason, less advertised attraction on Sentosa island. Trickeye is an interactive optical illusions museum with plenty of 3-dimensional artwork. It’s guaranteed to make you and your kids laugh and take plenty of funny pictures. 

The floor is marked with the spots from which pictures should be taken to achieve the most realistic optical illusion. Trickeye is one of our favorite attractions on the island, which we found accidentally while hiding from the rain. Give it a go!

Singapore Cable Car

The Singapore Cable Car is an aerial link from mainland Singapore to its resort island Sentosa. The cable car ride is just one of the ways to get to and from the island of fun. However, it’s a great attraction in itself. Unless you don’t have the head for heights, that is.

Singapore activities with kids and toddlers

The ride in a comfy, air-conditioned cabin takes you across the Keppel Harbour in around 15 minutes. The views are amazing and you’ll wish the ride lasted longer than that! 

We used to go to Sentosa by cable car and come back to mainland Singapore by Sentosa express monorail. However, there is an option to purchase funicular return tickets. 

Singapore Flyer

If viewing a city from a birds-eye view is your thing then you’ll most likely enjoy the Singapore Flyer. It is a giant Ferris wheel within walking distance from Marina Bay Sands hotel.

If you’ve ever been on a Ferris wheel, you probably know what to expect. However, as with most things, Singapore takes it a step or three further. Attractions and buildings in Singapore tend to be the largest, the best, the highest, the most impressive, etc. The Singapore flyer is no exception.

toddlers in Singapore

It is currently the largest observation wheel in Asia. In addition to the usual rides in modern, spacious, and air-conditioned glass capsules with magnificent views, you can exchange your wedding vows, ride private capsules with canapés, have exquisite dinners, and enjoy Singapore Sling cocktails. 

Mind though, that although you can book a private capsule for 1500 SGD, you will highly likely get a private cabin for the usual price. Thea and I took at least five rides in different seasons and times of day, and only once there was another person on the capsule with us. 

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is another place in a city worth a visit with shopping and dining experiences for all types and budgets. Simply called Orchard is a 1.6 miles long tree-lined boulevard in the Central Area of Singapore. Nicknamed a shoppers paradise it’s a place where you can buy everything from the latest Chanel collection to the two-dollar items in the Japanese Store, Daiso.

activities in Singapore for families with toddlers

The Ion Orchard Mall is one of the most glamorous malls in the island country. This is a go-to place for luxury designer items and for taking pictures of the futuristic-looking building. 

In addition to shopping, dining, hotels, and nightlife, you can go to the cinemas. The weird thing about cinemas in Singapore is that they tend to be super cold.

activities in Singapore for families with toddlers

You really need to bring a sweater, because staying for an extended period of time in an unpleasant cold makes a bad experience no matter how good the movie is. I’ve watched movies in multiple cinemas across the island, and each time I found myself sitting next to shivering fellow moviegoers. 

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios is located on Sentosa island and is easily accessible from mainland Singapore. 

The giant entertainment park is one of the most visited attractions in the country, and rightly so. There are myriad ways to have fun and enjoy family time together. 

I have a detailed guide on visiting Universal Studios on Sentosa, and you can read it HERE.

Outdoor playgrounds for kids

Singapore boasts fantastic outdoor playgrounds in beautifully maintained parks. From a wooden tilted train at Tiong Bahru to sand play on the beaches of Sentosa island, there are many places you can go to with children. 

I have a blog post about the best outdoor playgrounds in Singapore and you can read it by clicking this link. 

Indoor playgrounds for kids

We love and prefer outdoor playgrounds, however, the weather does not always permit outdoor play. Luckily, there is a plan B. Indoor playgrounds all over the city. From indoor train rides to rock climbing, there are places for all ages and energy levels. 

To learn more and to select the best for your child click on this link to read about the best indoor playgrounds in Singapore

ArtScience Museum

To begin with, it’s a glamorous lotus-shaped building surounded by a pond with blooming purple water lilies. It is easily recognizable and you will find the museum on the shore of Marina Bay, right in front of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

It is a must-visit place when you visit Singapore with children. The museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions. However, the one you should go to is the permanent one, called The Future world: where art meets science. This is a futuristic learning and adventure place with a variety of hands-on activities for the young and young at heart. 

Thea simply adores it and I have not a shadow of a doubt that so will your children. 

To read more about what you can learn and do in the Future world with kids, click on the link HERE. 

So, all of the above are just some of the endless things and activities you can enjoy in Singapore. I will keep updating this list, so don’t forget to come back. Also, if you have a suggestion, please share it in the comments below!

If you happen to be flying to Bali via Singapore, check out our Bali with kids guide or 24- hours layover in Singapore: what to do and where to go with kids. Happy travels and discoveries!

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