Butterfly Parks in Singapore to go to with children

There are many places where your children can interact with butterflies. While you can see plenty of them outdoors I recommend the below three butterfly parks to go to with children in Singapore.

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Science Centre Singapore is a great place to go to with kids for there are so many interesting and interactive activities for children of all ages. I’ve written a separate blog post about it and you can read it HERE.

However in this post I will only cover their exhibition ‘Butterflies up-close’.

The facilities are a bit run down and would welcome refurbishment. However the exhibition in nevertheless interesting and useful for kids.

Children are given a magnifying glass each and can wander around the facility exploring thousands of different colourful butterflies up- close. Occasionally the butterflies land on the little explorers making it an even more exciting experience.

There are several feeding and breeding stations that children find super interesting. Helpful staff are ready to answer your questions and explain about the numerous threats and dangers during each stage of the butterflies’ life cycle.   


Sentosa is known as the island of fun for a reason. You can read a blog post about awesome places to go to with kids on Sentosa HERE.

One of the many attractions on the island is The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom. That was one of the first places we visited when we moved to Singapore.

The minute we entered I looked around and thought to myself: okay, this is gonna be a waste of time and money….

But in fact it wasn’t that bad. While it may not be the most exciting place for adults (unless you are a butterfly enthusiast that is) it’s really fun for children. My daughter loved the butterflies!

There also was a lazy iguana, colourful parrots & thousands of butterflies that seem to be unafraid of tiny humans. If you are into bugs and stuff you will probably want to check out their insects exhibition. I have arachnophobia (=not a huge fan of spiders) so I did not dare enter the cave. Therefore can’t really comment on what’s inside except that it’s scary.

Nevertheless if you are on Sentosa with young children check this place out.

Children will gain an insight into how butterflies behave. Also how they interact with each other & their surroundings. Staff members will tell about the dangers that loom butterflies at each stage of their life cycle until they reach colourful winged adulthood.

Friendly staff will invite children to special educational stations and somehow as if by magic encourage the butterflies fly towards children and land on them. My daughter was super excited when butterflies started landing all over her!


While waiting for your flight take your kids to the Butterfly Garden to watch some pretty butterflies take flight! It is located in Terminal 3 located near Hudson’s Coffee. By ‘some’ I mean over 1000 tropical butterflies from as many as 40 colourful species from all around the world to brighten up your pre flight hours.

The garden is very spacious with a mini grotto waterfall and a staircase leading to the upper level. Up there you can observe the flowering plants, butterflies and airplanes in the background.

Little travellers can witness the feeding and breeding of butterflies at a very close range and also learn about their life cycle at special educational stations. 

Enjoy educational & colourful encounters in these Butterfly Parks in Singapore!

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*If you purchase admission tickets via the above links I will earn a small commission fee at no extra cost to you.

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