kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius

Best kids friendly restaurants & cafes in Vilnius

Eating out with kids does not have to be stressful. It can even be fun. If you know where to go. I compiled a list below with the best kids friendly restaurants and cafes in Vilnius. And by ‘kids friendly’ I don’t mean them just having an IKEA high chair.

You will not find McDonald’s with its happy meals for kids on this list either. Nor any other place that serves junk food or sugar loaded snacks only.

When I take Thea out I have two main criteria that the place has to meet:

  1. Nutritious meals for children. (Macaroni & cheese or sausages with french fries written on a pretty kids menu do not count.)
  2. An area for children to play in while waiting for the food to arrive.

The restaurants in the list below (random order) made it on my blog because they meet the above criteria, were clean, Thea enjoyed their activities for kids, they served delicious meals and staff were friendly and polite.

You know how you go to a place sometimes and waiters look and behave as they are having the worst day of their lives and take it out on customers? Yeah, I don’t like it either. So, these are the best kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius that we recommend if you are looking for a good place to eat out with kids:

Jurgis ir Drakonas (George and the Dragon)

In addition to a fun name that Thea loves they are very kids friendly. They’ve got several restaurants in Vilnius. We’ve been to the one in Ogmios Miestas and in Akropolis shopping mall.

There are play areas for children with a variety of activities in both branches. I am inserting photos below from Jurgis & Drakonas in Akropolis branch and the play area in the restaurant located in Ogmios Miestas. Every time we go Thea loves it and joins me only when the food has arrived.

kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius
Kids playground in Jurgis & Drakonas located in Akropolis shopping mall

Last week she made a friend, a boy her age, they started playing a family with a doll in a stroller being their baby. It was pretty hilarious and eventually his parents, me and the kids ended up dining together.

where to eat with kids in Vilnius?
Jurgis & Drakonas located in Ogmios miestas

P.S. Jurgis & Drakonas serve vegan pizzas too! Yay!

More information:

Casa la Familia

A cozy family friendly vegetarian restaurant in Vilnius Old town. We went a couple of times and enjoyed delicious food while Thea loved their playground with a wooden castle.

kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius
Playground at Casa la Familia in Vilnius Old Town

What I like the most are the location, playground for kids and vegan/vegetarian options. They serve four types of vegan pizzas and personally for me, those are the best vegan pizzas that I’ve tried in Vilnius. There is a huge white oven on the ground floor and Thea loved to watch how pizzas came to life. I definitely recommend this restaurant for families with young children. It’s a great place to take your kids and enjoy a good meal.

kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius
Food photography is obviously NOT one of my strengths…

My picky eater was also happy to eat the platter full of veggies and delicious hummus.

More information:


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, I have good news for you. There is a family friendly coffee place with vegan deserts and vegetarian & vegan hot sandwiches called Chaika. It’s one of my very favourite places to eat out in Vilnius with kids.

Actually there are two Chaikas in Vilnius. One in Totoriu street and the other in Pylimo street. Personally I like the staff and location more in Totoriu street, so that is the one we keep returning to.

Their cakes taste divine! That’s the place I order cakes for birthdays and celebrations because even non vegans fall in love with them. My sister ordered a cake from Chaika for her wedding and everyone loved it! Moreover they have some healthier options with less or no sugar added and nevertheless delicious.

I ordered this raspberry pie made with coconut milk and lots of raspberries, bit of blueberries and coconut whipped cream on top for my daughter’s birthday. No nasties inside! Highly recommend it!

kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius
Raspberry pie with coconut milk whipped cream. Photo credit: Chaika

I like the interior of Chaika in Totoriu street and they have a basket with toy bricks for children to play with. My daughter loves Chaika so sometimes we go there for a cup of chai or matcha latte and sugar free desert while having a great mum daughter time.

More information:

Cat Cafe Vilnius

I’ve been wanting to take my daughter to a cat cafe for quite a while now. Although I am a dog person I do like cats. Thea however has never seen a cat up close and she does find them super cute. I would love us to own one, but my husband was probably a mouse in his previous life. He does not like cats at all.

kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius

Anyway, where do you go if you want to pet a cat? A cat cafe of course!

The reason why I could not take her to one before is that cat cafes usually have age restrictions. Only children aged 6 and above are allowed to enter.

So just when I thought that we still have two more years to go until we can actually get in, Cat cafe in Vilnius made an exception! On certain dates and certain times even the tiniest tots can get inside. You do have to register upfront though.

There are no play areas specifically aimed at children there but what playground stands a chance against a furry friend?

We ordered some meals which were tasty and nutritious, but Thea barely ate as the cats had captured all of her attention.

If you like cats I do recommend stopping by.

More information:


Head over to Vapiano for quality Italian dishes when you are looking for a good place to eat out with kids in Vilnius. They are conveniently located in Europa shopping mall. While I hate the small size of parking areas in this mall, the restaurant is worth the hassle.

My daughter obviously likes their play area. I like the interior and especially their large long tables made of oak. You have to order your meals at the counters, no one is coming to take your orders. They give you a card which you scan with every order. While this is not something I really like, at least you communicate directly with the cook and ask for a ‘personalised’ meal.

Kids’ play area at Vapiano

I eat a plant based diet so I am always happy to double check that there are no animal products in my meal. They are happy to change or replace.

If you go with children it’s a good idea to call in advance and ask to book a table close to kids play area.

More information:

Milky Way (Paukščių takas)

Another great place to eat out with your kids in Vilnius is the restaurant in the TV Tower. While there are no playgrounds, the tower in and of itself is an incredible attraction with magnificent views all over Vilnius.

The highlights for Thea were the open observation deck, the restaurant which rotates 360 degrees while you dine, and the kid’s menu.
I am including a picture of the kids’ menu below. Thea had curd cheese dumplings and now recommends them to other little travelers.

There is a fee to go up the tower. Separate packages if you only go to the restaurant, or add the trip to the observation deck. The price difference is just a couple of euros, and I definitely recommend going up the open observation deck if the weather is nice.

More information:


The above mentioned restaurants/cafes in Vilnius are by no means the only ones where you can eat out with kids. There are quite a lot of kids friendly restaurants in Vilnius.

For example someone recommended Gusto Blynine (Gustas Pancake house) so we did go there. However while they are kids friendly and provide special areas for children to play in, I did not find them particularly clean.

The restaurant in Laisves avenue would urgently welcome refurbishment. I mean I haven’t seen a restaurant this rundown for quite a while. Moreover even though you can get any type of pancake you can think of, they are way overpriced.

Thea played in their playground while we waited for pancakes to arrive, we ate and left. I did not even take any pictures. While nothing specific bad happened, we will not go back. If you like pancakes do go, but don’t put your hopes too high.

So these are the restaurants and cafes that we really like. If you know other great places please share in the comments below. We will be happy to visit a new place and maybe add to this list of best kids friendly restaurants and cafes in Vilnius.

P.S. I just re-read this article and came to a conclusion that if my credit card could talk it would definitely ask me if I ever cook.






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