A brilliant place for kids birthdays in Vilnius

Looking for a place to celebrate kids birthdays in Vilnius? You’ve come to the right place.

My daughter recently turned four and asked for a fun party with her friends. I think the research that I did for my Master’s degree was less in- depth compared to the research that I did looking for that perfect birthday venue in Vilnius.

The quarantine rules were pretty relaxed back in October in Vilnius. The new Covid cases per day were still few and most people seemed to feel and behave just like in pre-Corona times. All the places I contacted and considered selecting were open and the only requirement was for the parents to wear a mask and, of course, use the hand sanitiser.

The choice for kids birthday venues is vast. From magician shows to parties in the swimming pool, there is something out there for everyone.

My research paid off. I found a perfect venue that my daughter loves. And it is called Kake Make World Playground. Thea had a blast.


I like that it’s just the right size. There are plenty of activities for children but at the same time it is not huge so that you spend hours looking for your child after. The layout of the playground is good and the activities are available for various age groups.

There are four areas within the playground where birthday parties are hosted. We selected the laboratory of the Elf of Mess.

place for kids birthdays in Vilnius
The Laboratory of the Elf of Mess

Now if you are not familiar with Kake Make themed characters I will just briefly say that the Elf of Mess is amazing. Not that the Elf looks good or something, but he has the reputation of coming at night and taking away all of the toys from messy rooms. Since Thea learnt about this Elf and his mischief she tidies up her room before bedtime without me prompting.

You know the saying “keep your friends close, but the enemies closer”? This was Thea’s approach. When asked to select the animator for the party she chose to confront the Elf of Mess to make a deal of no visits to her bedroom.

I’m not sure if she’s got herself a deal, but the Elf did an amazing job entertaining the children. He had so many fun tricks up his sleeve and kept them busy and entertained for a full hour. I am sharing some of the photos with the Elf of Mess and should you decide to host a birthday party there i definitely recommend this animator.

place for kids birthdays in Vilnius

Selecting the venue was the hardest part. Prepping for the party was almost as much fun as the party itself.

Kake Make staff helped to organise everything. They were very professional and I’m grateful for this great experience for Thea. From providing cute invitations to setting up pretty decorations everything went smoothly.

I don’t like the crowds so I asked for the time slot when no other birthday parties were taking place. So, while there still were some other parents and their kids we pretty much had the entire place for ourselves.

place to celebrate kids' birthdays in Vilnius

You can either arrange your own catering or Kake Make staff can order the meals for you. They order meals from Jurgis & Drakonas restaurant which is located just across the playground. Since we had vegan guests I ordered vegan pizzas, platters with veggies and fruit and some snacks. Actually I’ve written a post about good places to eat out with kids in Vilnius and Jurgis & Drakonas is one of them. You can read the article HERE.

I did not order the cake from the menu the playground offered though. While they do look very pretty, the cakes are loaded with sugar. So we ordered a vegan cake from Chaika with no sugar and no nasties. Yum!


The same goes for decorations. You can either bring your own and set everything up by yourself, or select the one you like from the decorations’ menu. There are multiple choices for decor for all tastes and budgets. Basically prices vary depending on the type of decor and its quantity. Thea selected unicorn themed birthday decorations and Kake Make staff decorated and prepared everything for us.

place for kids birthdays in Vilnius
Unicorn themed birthday decorations

I hired a photographer who perfectly captured so many positive emotions. Overall it was fun, Thea loved it and I hope that our guests had a great time too.

P.S. this is NOT a sponsored post. We genuinely enjoyed organising and celebrating Thea’s birthday at Kake Make World Playground in Vilnius.

P.S.2 We recently discovered these smoothies. They are AMAZING! A perfect way to boost an intake of organic veggies and fruit. Thea loves shaking things up and even her, a picky eater, loves them.

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